Schloen Custom Woodworking is about finding the piece you need and making it your own. Our knowledge of wood as a material allows us to carefully select exquisite pieces from sustainable sources to build your one of a kind table, cutting board, or anything else you need to make your space feel warm and homey. Our pieces are hand crafted and designed to last. From simple end tables to big home office built-ins, Schloen Custom has got you covered! 

After graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in Wood Science, Tyler Schloen originated Schloen Custom Woodworking LLC in 2012. He works in West babylon, New York at the shop, The Dusty Dog. Of course his furry friend often frequents the workshop to approve of all custom pieces made.  

We would love it if you would contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your woodworking needs. We look forward to working with you!